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Why choose SONIC Tools? Because you value quality, affordability, and placing the utmost important on organization and efficiency in the workplace.

SONIC Tools offers precision-crafted tools perfect for commercial and consumer use. Backed by a lifetime warranty, SONIC Tools hand tools and toolboxes are utilized by incredibly reputable organizations like Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Porsche, Michelin and more. SONIC Tools proudly boasts partnerships with Wayne Taylor Racing, Scuderia Ferrari, C.J. Wilson Racing and Prestige Performance, where SONIC tools pass the test under the most severe circumstances.

The SONIC toolboxes are simply works of art. Stamped from one piece of steel, SONIC toolboxes also carry a lifetime warranty and feature a safety drawer blocking system which protects against the toolbox tipping over. If one drawer is open, the others automatically lock.

All SONIC professional-grade tools are neatly placed within the unique SONIC Foam System, which is laser engraved, chemical resistant foam placed within each SONIC toolbox drawer. Each tool has an exact place and accurate label. There is no better solution to increased organization and efficiency, thus creating faster workability, than what SONIC offers.

And every foam insert filled with tools is available independent of our toolboxes. If you want our laser-engraved drawers filled with tools separate of our toolboxes, you got it. Every drawer has its own part number and is available for purchase. Build your toolbox your way.

SONIC Tools provides seven sizes of toolboxes - S8, S9, S10,S11, S12,S13, S14, S15 - and are all available for purchase completely empty or filled to your exact specifications.

SONIC Tools also carries specific toolboxes made to accommodate virtually any job you can imagine on BMW, Audi/Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz automobiles. Each toolbox is outfitted with both general hand tools and specialty tools made to fit each vehicle.

Limitless combinations await when building your own toolbox with SONIC Tools.

24-Hour Warranty Returns Process

With SONIC, it's simple. For broken or damaged hand tools, select Warranty Returns on the top right of the website, or select Warranty Returns at the bottom of the website. Enter your name, email and other pertinent information, include a picture of the broken or damaged hand tool, and SONIC will process your claim within 24 hours and then ship your new product. That's our hassle-free guarantee.

How does building your own toolbox work?

SONIC offers three sizes of foam inserts filled with tools - (1/3) 7.5" wide (small), 22" wide (medium) and 29" wide (large). Choose a toolbox, then choose what drawers fit your needs and customize your toolbox one drawer at a time. The days of overpaying and building a toolbox tool by tool are over.

The organization and attention to detail must make SONIC pricier than most high-end tool brands?

Not true. In fact, SONIC Tools is on average 30% more affordable than the leading tool brands in the United States. The purpose for how SONIC Tools operates is to provide high-level tools, practical ideas and application, but without forcing the consumer, technician, shop owner or dealership group to mortgage away their future. Invest now, save later.

In addition to the lifetime warranty on all hand tools and toolboxes, SONIC Tools carries three additional guarantees ranging a variety of products. Tool breaks? There's zero reason you should wait a week for a tool truck to return to your shop. Log into your SONIC Tools account, fill out the proper information asked for, and SONIC will ship you a brand new tool the next day. It's that easy, as it should be.

Who is SONIC Tools?

We are a Dutch company, with facilities in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States. SONIC Tools is a subsidiary of SONIC Equipment, a market leader in the design and manufacture of premium hand tools and toolbox solutions. SONIC Tools products are found in the world's most progressive automotive enterprises, service centers, race shops, aftermarket businesses and personal garages.

The SONIC dream originated when its two owners - lifelong friends - grew up around the tool industry. Forward thinking and big-picture visions made SONIC the innovative company it is today. SONIC is firmly entrenched across Europe as the first choice of professionals and individual consumers.

Headquartered in Alabama, SONIC Tools distributes and retails the brand's complete line of products. 

Sonic Equipment and SONIC Tools are proud partners with manufacturers and race teams across the world.

Volkswagen Germany

Sonic Equipment is the official supplier to Volkswagen Germany. Sonic and Volkswagen Germany partnered together to create a custom Volkswagen toolbox solution that houses Sonic tools inside the Sonic S12 toolbox, with the tool layout inside the foam inserts designed by Volkswagen Germany. Every new Volkswagen Germany technician gets a “VAS” toolbox, outfitted with Sonic tools and carefully designed by Volkswagen Germany.

View the VAS toolbox here: https://www.sonic-equipment.com/us/opbergsystemen/opbergsystemen-leeg/opbergsystemen-leeg-volkswagen.html

SONIC Tools offers a version of the VAS toolbox in North America that carries 95% of what’s offered in the VAS toolbox only available to Volkswagen Germany. You can view and purchase the Volkswagen/Audi toolbox here: http://www.sonictoolsusa.com/filled-s10-toolbox-295-pcs-blue-volkswagen-automotive-group-vag.html

SONIC Tools and Sonic Equipment also features strong partnerships with Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Corvette Prototype, Mercedes-Benz and Audi race teams throughout North American and Europe, and partnered with multiple IndyCar teams for the Indianapolis 500 in 2016.

Browse through our company news for releases on partnerships, in addition to other SONIC Tools news. http://www.sonictoolsusa.com/company-news

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