This is what we do. SONIC works directly with manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen and race teams like Corvette Racing to configure the ultimate tool solutions for their technicians. This means that the selection of tools and their organization are direct reflections of a professional technician's needs. Efficiency is the purpose of every SONIC pre-configured tool solution. Each kit conveniently displays the specific tool count and is categorized into 3 tiers, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

During any task, a technician will experience an improvement of AT LEAST 20% retrieval/replacement time.

OUR VALUE: Whether it’s a technician or dealer, we will save you time, thus saving you money. That’s indisputable.

APPLICATION FOR TECHNICIAN: Turn more hours, leading to more jobs, leading to more money an increased efficiency. We create a better prepared and more organized technician. The application here is simple: we will help you, the technician, make more money immediately.

APPLICATION FOR DEALER: As the application for the technician is true and proven, the results will carry over to the dealer’s bottom line. More efficient technicians = more efficient dealers. If your technician is 20% more efficient from task to task, calculate that 20% into tasks, hours, days, weeks, months, years. That is how you separate yourself from the competition.

For any technician, time is gained back at all times during the day when accounting for tools. Technicians will be 78% more efficient (in terms of time) when inventorying their toolbox and tools.

OUR VALUE: We will provide peace of mind for technicians and dealers through inventory control.

APPLICATION FOR TECHNICIAN: No more inventorying the toolbox and tools during the day and in between tasks. The technician gains the peace of mind of knowing inventory isn’t a concern during the day. The toolbox and tools will inventory themselves as tools are placed back in their correct spaces.

APPLICATION TO DEALER: Technicians with peace of mind regarding tool inventory are more focused on their daily tasks. What this means to you, the dealer, is the creation of an environment that produces a fine-tuned and efficient workforce.

During our time studies, 20% of participants were able to complete blind drawer inventory counts correctly during the standard organization inventory. (Not taking into account once the overall count is deemed incorrect, then you have to find the missing tool(s)).

OUR VALUE: SFS creates the environment for 100% inventory accountability. Given that, we will reduce the risk of losing tools by at least 80%. Who wouldn't want to reduce risks within their business by 80%?

APPLICATION TO TECHNICIAN: Incorrect inventory means consequences of lost tools, the risk of losing money and the risk of having a negative impact on your business.

APPLICATION TO DEALER: The reduced risk of losing tools means a more efficient operation. It means your technicians always have the correct tools for the task. It means your technicians spending less time on tool trucks replacing tools. It means tools aren’t left in places they don’t belong, thus reducing liability.