Filled S10 Quick Service Kit 190 pcs (black)

Filled S10 Quick Service Kit 190 pcs (black)

Filled S10 Quick Service Kit 190 pcs (black)

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SONIC Tools presents our Quick Service Solutions, meeting your Quick Lane and Express Lane service needs. Our filled S9, filled S10 and filled Service Cart options present three options, depending on the caliber of toolbox desired. There are cheaper, quality-lacking kits available to most stores across North America, but none that match our Quick Lane and Express Lane offerings that create organization, increase efficiency and add value to your bottom line. 

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Product Number 719209k
Weight (lbs) 250.0000
W (in) 34.6
D (in) 22.6
H (in) 41.2
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Published July 6, 2016

"I’m sure that you can sense my giddiness with this S10 toolbox and tools. I just can’t get over how simple and put together everything is. I’ve lived with the alternatives for years. The Sonic Tools system just makes sense, and why no one else has taken this approach yet is beyond me. If you’re an up and coming mechanic or just looking for a toolbox to purchase, then I strongly recommend purchasing the S10. That will give you a ready to rock-and-roll toolbox filled with everything you need. You may even want to step up to the Sonic Tools S12 or S14 if you want even more at your disposal."

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