Troy Lee Designs Filled Moto Toolbox

Troy Lee Designs Filled Moto Toolbox

Troy Lee Designs Filled Moto Toolbox

100% of 100
  • Designed in collaboration with Troy Lee Designs
  • Custom TLD Paint
  • Lifetime Warranty and 24-Hour Online Tool Exchange

Flat shipping rate of $350 per pallet (i.e. toolbox or cabinet)

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The innovative SONIC Tools/Troy Lee Designs Moto Toolbox Solution comes equipped with three filled drawers, complete with chemical-resistant and laser-cut foam inlays with tools carefully placed and clearly labeled. The SONIC Tools and TROY LEE DESIGNS Moto Toolbox Solution is the result of a collaborative effort between two forward-thinking companies with a focus on improving functionality and efficiency in the Moto world. 

The toolbox is lightweight and high quality, featuring strong, aluminum handles with comfortable grip. Professional-grade hardware and construction combined with smooth, rounded front top lid with “SONIC” stamped into the steel creates a sleek design. All three drawers feature ball-bearing slides and are retractable and a front centralized safety lock.


Troy Lee Box Features

  • TLD custom paint job
  • Lightweight, high-quality
  • Strong, aluminum handles with comfortable grip
  • Professional-grade hardware and construction
  • Smooth, rounded front top lid with "SONIC" stamped
  • Three drawers with ball bearing slides
  • Front centralized safety lock
  • Fully 100% retractable drawers

Pliers and tools set 9-pcs

Combination set 3/8" 31-pcs

Combination set 1/4" 31-pcs

Wrench set 17-pcs

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Product Number 708821
Weight (lbs) 65.0000
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Published August 3, 2018

The Troy Lee Designs Moto Toolbox from Sonic Tools is designed to be a complete solution for riders that work on their own bikes. A great deal of thought went into compiling this purpose-built box that includes all the basic tools a motorcyclist needs for most garage projects. All your metric sockets, hex wrenches, open ends and screw drivers are there, and in sizes that fit most motorcycles. The kit also includes specialty tools motorcyclists often use like a metric measuring tape for checking suspension sag, safety wire pliers, precision air pressure gauge, torx bits and more.

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Published April 14, 2017

The entire staff thinks the Sonic Tools/Troy Lee Designs did a great job on this collaboration, and we hope this is just the beginning of kits designed specifically for working on dirt bikes. Not only is the kit practical for our application, but it’s under 50 pounds, so transporting is easy and it looks cooler than any other toolbox we have seen. Another thing we really liked about this toolbox is it makes a great gift for anyone who has a dirt or dual-sport machine, and it’s something that even a person without any tool knowledge can purchase with confidence.

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